Train compensates Jews

More than 70 years after WW2, the Dutch Passenger Railway Operator agreed on paying individual reparations for transporting Jews mainly from Amsterdam to the transitcamp Westerbork. From Westerbork the Jews were deported to concentrationcamps, mainly Auswitsch and Sobibor. The Railway company was paid for these services by the Nazis, who paid these invoices with money that came available from confiscating Jewish belongings. In the coming months, a special committee will investigate how this can be realised.


a sheet with yellow Jewish stars in a glass box
The stars were produced by a Jewish family owned company in The Netherlands. During the war these companies were managed by German administrators or Dutch Nazi sympathizers


Hollandsche Schouwburg building façade with bikes parked in front.
The theatre in the Jewish district in Amsterdam, was used as a deportation center for Jews to the Nazi concentration camps.


A suitcase in a glass box with a name and date written on it
Jewish people wrote their name and date of birth on their suitcase before boarding the deportation train.


A yellow Jewish star in a black jacket
The Jews had to wear the star from May 3 1942 on and had to pay for them. They would get arrested if they were caught on the streets without them.
Train compensates Jews