World War 2 in Amsterdam

Before WW2, 85000 Jews lived in Amsterdam. After WW2 only 5000. The Nazis needed just 16 months for this. In summer 1942 the raids and deportations to the camps in the east started. On the 30th of September 1943 the Nazis declared Amsterdam ‘Judenrein’, ‘free of Jews’.

War Museum Amsterdam

The Nazis followed a three step plan: registration, concentration and deportation. In this tour I will show you what happened in Amsterdam. There is no place that tells the story about WW2 in Amsterdam so succinctly as the Museum of the Dutch Resistance does. Besides showing you the different steps the Nazi took in the preparation of the deportations, much attention is paid to the organization of the resistance. The Nazis used the coastal area to execute members of the resistance. An impressive Honory Cemetary can be visited in the tour Kennemerdunes.

Deportation place

Located in the heart of the old Jewish quarter, is the former theatre. During the war the Nazis made Jews assemble in this building. This was their last stop in Amsterdam and the first step in the deportation process that ended in Auswitsch or Sobibor for most of the Dutch Jews.

Also we will see the Auswitsch monument and if you want we can visit the Portuguese synagogue, where nothing changed since 1675. The Nazis wanted to use this place as the assembly point but they preferred the theatre.

World War 2 in Amsterdam

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