Vincent van Gogh museum

The Vincent van Gogh museum is one of those museums where a private guide makes the visit much more interesting, especially when you have a guide who has a lot knowledge about Vincents life.

See Vincent with Vincent

I will guide you through the museum in a chronological order and will show you not only the highlights like the Sunflowers and the Bedroom, but also the lesser known paintings with an interesting story.

What was his last painting ? Why did he cut his ear off ? Which paintings had been stolen ? Why did he paint so many flowers ? Why he signed only a few of his paintings? What’s the happy green hour ?

Van Gogh was right-handed, so why on all his portraits he holds his brush in his left hand ?

You do not like Van Gogh ? Walk through the museum with me and I am sure you will walk out of there as one of his biggest fans.

This tour starts and ends in the museum. You can go to the museum on your own. If you want me to arrange private transfers from the hotel, or pick you up from the hotel just let me know.

Vincent van Gogh museum

from € 180

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2 – 2,5 hrs


The museum has three floors, several elevators


Especially from March up to September the museum can be busy. Best time of the day is 9AM when it opens or Friday evenings.