Frans Hals show open now

Until June 9 you will have the unique chance to see a selection of fifty key works from the Dutch Golden Age Master painter Frans Hals. With his distinctive, freewheeling style of painting, he became a hero and an example to the Impressionists  influenced the impressionists. The exhibit includes works from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Paris, Toronto,  the Wallace Collection in London, the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid and more works from private collections. Come and admire his finest works at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam now.

A painted portrait of a man with a black hat and his hands on the hips
Frans Hals often used the arms-akimbo stance in his portraits, also known as the power-pose, or the ‘Renaissance Elbow’, to indicate authority.


A painting of a laughing boy with wild hair and browning teeth
Frans Hals painted not only rich people. He painted people from every layer of society, all ages, all backgrounds, rich or poor.


a few people looking at a group painting by Frans Hals
At the exhibit in Amsterdam, two civic guard group portraits can be seen from the Frans Hals museum in Haarlem.


A painting of a smiling lady with a metal jug of beer in her hand and an owl on her shoulder
Malle Babbe probably had a mental disability. A son of Frans Hals, suffered a similar disability and lived in the same workhouse in Haarlem


A portrait of a man wearing extravagent clothes, a black soft hat and his hand on his hip
The motifs in the embroidery of this extravagantly dressed young man, painted by Frans Hals, indicate that he was an unmarried gentleman


a painting of a man with an old black hat, leaning backwards on a chair
Isaac Massa was a close friend of Hals and was portrayed by the artists at least three times. The sprig of holly in his hand, may be a symbol of their friendship.




Frans Hals show open now