Sun on grave Rembrandt’s wife

Every year March 9, exactly at 8.39 AM, a sunbeam illuminates the grave of Saskia, Rembrandts first wife, in the Old Church in Amsterdam. Saskia died in 1642, while Rembrandt was busy painting the Night Watch. The golden girl on the painting acts as a personification of the civic guard group, so she is not a real person. However, she does look like Saskia and she is in a brilliant shaft of light as well. Now just hope the clouds will not ruin our little party this Saturday morning.

In 1662 Rembrandt sold Saskia’s grave. Probably he needed the money, since he went bankrupt a few years earlier.

two boys playing on the street in front of red light windows
The Old Church in Amsterdam is located in the heart of the famous red light district.
A medieval church with bricks in different colors.
The different colors of the bricks, show that the Old Church in Amsterdam has been expanded several times over the centuries.


Rembrandt painting the Nightwatch with people in front
The Nightwatch is probably the most famous painting by Rembrandt.
A light-up girl on a dark painting, in a group of men with traditional weapons.
Rijksmuseum Collection. Rembrandt painted his deceased wife on the Nightwatch in 1642
portrait painting of a girl looking at the viewer
Rijksmuseum Collection: Rembrandt made a portrait of his wife Saskia in 1633
Sun on grave Rembrandt’s wife