Red Light moves out

To reduce the nuissance caused by overtourism in a part of the medieval district, also called De Wallen, the council of Amsterdam wants to move a hundred brothel windows away from the area. The City of Amsterdam has proposed a location in the financial district in the south district as preferable location for a new erotic centre. The mayor wants to offer sex workers a safe workplace and reduce tourist disruptions caused by gawping and beer drinking crowds in the narrow streets and the influence of crime on prostitution.

Prostitution is a legal profession in the Netherlands since 1988. At the moment Amsterdam has three window prostitution zones. These are located in buildings along the Ruysdaelkade and Singel and in the area known as De Wallen, Amsterdam’s main red light district.  Especially in spring and summer weekends, De Wallen area can get overcrowded and unmanageable.

Mornings and early afternoons are therefor the best moments for walk in the area. As this is a medieval area, it is probably the most beautiful area of Amsterdam where you can see seventeeth-century step gables, decorated neck gables, bell gables and 700 year old canals.

black bicycle parked in front of red windows
The main red light district has around 300 window brothels rented by prostitutes


Crowded alley in the red light district by night
Guided tours in Amsterdam are not permitted near prostitution windows


A canal between houses and two streets with people
The main red light district in Amsterdam is concentrated around two canals


Bicycles parked along a canal in front of an erotic theatre
Each night erotic theatres present a varied programme with live shows.


A group of people walking at night along red lighted windows
In weekends the red ligt district can get extremely busy


two boys playing on the street in front of red light windows
The Old Church in Amsterdam is located in the heart of the famous red light district.
Red Light moves out