Sunflowers stay in Amsterdam

The Vincent van Gogh museum decided that the painting of the sunflowers will be loaned out to other museums no more, because of its vulnerable condition. The good news for Vincents’ fans who can’t make it to Amsterdam, is that Vincent painted several versions of the flowers, as these flowers were his favorite stillife. He painted them with 12 flowers, with 15 flowers, in bloom and almost faded. Only four are in public collections. Maybe the most interesting one, is the one in Tokyo, painted on jute. In 1888 on the market in Arles, Vincent and Paul Gaugin bought some jute. Vincent painted sunflowers on his piece. Gaugin painted Vincent on it, painting sunflowers. Vincent was not happy with that portret and it was one of the reasons for the big clash with Gaugin, that eventually made Vincent cutting his ear off.

Portrait of Vincent van Gogh n a frame
The museum in Amsterdam has 18 self portraits by Vincent in its collection.


A person looking at a portrait painting of Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh made most of his self portraits to practise emotions and with colors.


a man on a bicycle in front of the Vincent van Gogh museum
The Van Gogh museum was opened in 1973 by the son of Vincent’s brother Theo.
Sunflowers stay in Amsterdam