Amsterdam and countryside

This tour is perfect for you if you are limited in time. In one day you can see the highlights of Amsterdam and the best parts of the countryside in Holland. We can play it by the ear. Let me know if you would like more countryside or more Amsterdam. The tour starts and ends at your hotel.

Amsterdam walk

In the morning we make a 2,5 hr private walk in the old city centre of Amsterdam. Among the highlights are the National monument, the Royal Palace on Dam square and the oldest streets of the city. In the mornings there is not too much activity in the red light district yet. That is why the morning is the perfect time to visit that area.

Countryside of Holland

After our walk, we drive to the north. Away from the big tourbus groups, we can have lunch in one of the most authentic fishing villages in the northern part of Holland. In this area many people still live in wooden houses from the 18th century. Here you can actually see the true authentic Holland, that you only know from old postcards. Wooden houses painted in green, black and white. Sometimes even with thatched roofs. I will tell you all about it.

God created the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands’. You will agree on that, after you have seen the Beemster Polder, an exceptional example of reclaimed land. They drained this huge lake already in 1609, just by windmills.

The nearby Schermerlake, was drained in 1632 and here we can visit one of the original windmills. You can climb to the top of the windmill, and see how the miller rotates the cap. After I helped you to pronounce ‘Schermer’, you will understand why the Dutch resistance always used passwords with ‘sch’ in it during the war.

Video of the countryside

Click here to watch a video of the Dutch countryside that we shot in April.


Amsterdam and countryside

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7 – 7,5 hrs depending on traffic


the standard walk is 2,5 – 3 miles depending on the location of your hotel. The distance can be shortened or extended as you like it.

In the countryside we make a walk of 0,5 miles in a village and 1 mile at Zaanse Schans (only Nov-March)


Amsterdam-De Rijp 40 mins, De Rijp-windmills 20mins, windmills-Amsterdam 45 mins