Amsterdam Food Tour

During this Amsterdam foodtour, our local guide will introduce you to the typical Dutch food. The non-touristy culinary walking tour will be done in a neighbourhood where the locals live, like the Jordaan and De Pijp. Here you can find the boutique shops and the smaller pubs and restaurants where the locals go.


Dutch food

You will enjoy Dutch food in locally-owned small restaurants. The guide and the local owners will give you a detailed explanation of what you are eating and the origin of each meal. This foodtour exists of six stops and all the food and drinks that are offered are included.


Jordaan area and De Pijp

If you really want to connect with the local food, the history and the locals, then these are the areas where you will have to go to. The foodtour in de Jordaan contains the traditional Dutch food, like cheese, stamppot and poffertjes.
De Pijp is more multicultural so in this neighnourhood, the Dutch food is more influenced by the Dutch maritime history of the 17th century. So in this foodtour, besides the herring, you will taste food from the Surinam cuisine, Indonesian and North African.

Amsterdam Food Tour

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3,5 hrs


the standard walk is 1 – 1,5 miles depending on the location of your hotel. The distance can be shortened or extended as you like it. There will be six stops where you can sit down and use a restroom. We can pick you up from your hotel or we can meet at a meetingpoint. If you prefer, we will arrange a transfer by private car from/ to your hotel.