Kennemer dunes

This tour is perfect for you if you want an active tour during your stay in Holland. The tour can start in Haarlem, in Zandvoort or we can pick you up from your hotel in Amsterdam. The are is just a 45 minute drive or trainride from Amsterdam.

Active tour

At just 13 miles from Amsterdam, is one of the most beautiful National Parks of the Netherlands. Just behind the sanddunes protecting us against the Northsea, you can enjoy the landscape of the National Park South Kennemerland: 3800 acres of dunes with rare flora and fauna. We can cycle or walk through ancient forests and hope to see large herbivores such as Scottish Highland cattle and Konik horses.

During WWII this area was forbidden to enter. The Nazis used the sanddunes for their Atlantik-defense wall, and to execute members of the resistance. Today we can still see Nazi bunkers, monuments at execution places and an impressive Honory Cemetary with the grave of The Girl with the Red Hair, Hannie Schaft. You can learn more about the Resistance if you visit the Museum of the Resistance, as in my tour World War 2 in Amsterdam.

Walking or a cycling tour

We can go through the area by bike or we can go walking if you prefer. We can do distances of just 2 miles, up to 25 miles. We can use normal bikes, or electric bikes. We can have coffee breaks in between. . . . It’s not a race, it must be fun for everybody. The area is hilly but the highest mountain in the Netherlands is 1000 feet and the Dutch call that a mountain so please do not be afraid. The cycling will be done on paved bike paths. The walks are done on both paved and unpaved footpaths.

Video of the tour

Click here to watch a video that gives a good impression of this tour.

Kennemer dunes

from € 350

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Customizable. We can make it a half day or full day.

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Customizable. Minimum two hours, max  6 hours


Amsterdam – Kennemerdunes one way 45 mins

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price depends on your way of transportation between Amsterdam and the dunes, and the duration of the tour


every season is beautiful here!