Keukenhof and countryside

The famous flowerpark Keukenhof is great to visit but for most people two hours is enough. In this tour you can visit the Keukenhof and the countryside of Holland. In 2019 the park is open from March 21 to May 19. The second part of this tour is going into the countryside north of Amsterdam and south of Alkmaar. Especially in the last two weeks of April and the first week of May, you can find some flowerfields in bloom in this area.

Keukenhof flower park

For our visit to the Keukenhof, we start early, trying to avoid the crowds and tourbusses. I will pick you up from your hotel for a drive to the Keukenhof Gardens Park to see some flowers! This is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, opened only from mid March to mid May. Every year, more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in this park. This is where we make a walk, usually about 1, 5hrs but if you want to stay longer, then that’s no problem.


Before lunchtime, we drive to the area north of Amsterdam, the countryside that Holland is so famous for. In the Keukenhof you will not be the only visitor, but we will avoid the touristy places in the countryside. You will see 400 year old windmills, polders below sealevel, cows, dikes and dams. We will make a walk through an authentic small village with green wooden houses where time stopped in the 18th century. And you will see a former lake, drained by windmills already in the early 1600’s.

Please note that I am not specialised in floriculture. I have a lot of knowledge about history, the countryside and culture, but I do not know much about flowers. If you want to walk through the park with a guide who knows everything about floriculture, then let me know because some of my colleagues do know all the flowers by name!

Keukenhof and countryside

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7,5 – 8 hrs depending on traffic


In the Keukenhof usually 2hrs / 1,5 – 2 miles. In the countryside we make a short walk in a village of 0,5 mile


Amsterdam – Keukenhof 45 mins, Keukenhof – countryside 60 mins, countryside – Amsterdam 45 mins


In 2019 the Keukenhof is opened from March 21 to May 19. Best is always from one week after opening up to a week before closure. April 13 is the big flower parade. Extremely crowded!