Countryside and Haarlem

This tour is perfect for you if you would like to see the countryside of Holland, but do not want to spend a full day there.  This full day tour is a great combination of all Northern Holland has to offer. You will see the best parts of the countryside, you will see the beach and you will visit the city of Haarlem.

Windmills and reclaimed land

The morning we will spend in the northern part of the province Holland. ‘God created the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands’. You will agree on that, after you have seen the Beemster Polder, an exceptional example of reclaimed land. They drained this huge lake already in 1609, just by windmills.

The nearby Schermerlake, was drained in 1632 and here we can visit one of the original windmills. You can climb to the top of the windmill, and see how the miller rotates the cap. After I helped you to pronounce ‘Schermer’, you will understand why the Dutch resistance always used passwords with ‘sch’ in it during the war.

Coastal area Holland

Next destination is the coastal area, the Kennemerdunes. We can have lunch in Bloemendaal at the beach and If you want we can make a 20 minute walk at the beach and through the National Park Kennemerduinen. The Nazis used this area during the war as a location to execute members of the resistance. We can visit the war cemetery, beautifully located in the dunes, with the graves of 347 Dutch resistance fighters. All men, just one lady; Hannie Schaft, the girl with the red hair.

Haarlem visit

A short drive brings us to the city of Haarlem where we can make a walk through the oldest part of the city centre.

If you want we can visit the Bavo church where Mozart played the organ. Or maybe you prefer to sit down in a local pub and taste one of the local beers Haarlem is famous for? You will agree with me that Haarlem is as beautiful as Amsterdam is, but without all the traffic, the tourists and the million cyclists.

Countryside and Haarlem

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7 – 7,5 hrs depending on traffic


In the countryside we make a walk of 0,5 miles in a village and 1 mile at Zaanse Schans (only Nov-March).

In the Kennemerdunes we can make a walk of just 5 mins on the beach, or 1 mile in the dunes. Longer distance are possible but we must know this in advance because of the rest of the program.

In Haarlem the walk can be 0,5 – 1,5 miles.


Amsterdam-De Rijp 40 mins, De Rijp-windmills 20mins, windmills-beach 45 mins, beach-Haarlem 15 mins, Haarlem-Amsterdam 45 mins