Author: Vincent Arends

10 September 2022

Crashed bomber WW2 tour

Today’s tour, with Dean Angott, who’s father Tom, was a waistgunner in a…

26 March 2021

Haarlem walk

26 March 2021

Kennemerdunes NP

26 March 2021

Vincent van Gogh fishingboats

23 March 2021

Death penalty

This week, Virginia abolished the death penalty as first southern US state, exactly…

16 February 2021

skating on canals

In the second week of February, the Netherlands has been hit by its…

15 May 2020

15 May 1940 suicide epidemic

On many Jewish cemeteries in Holland, one can often find gravestones with date…

28 April 2020

April: in full bloom!

The flowerfields are in bloom again. Usually the yellow and white narcissus and…

20 January 2020

a new Van Gogh

A new self-portrait by Van Gogh has come to light officially. It has…

30 October 2019

October: plant the bulbs!

In October the bulb producers plant their new bulbs. This picture was taken…